Their Stories is a political nonprofit organization aiming to channel youth activism to enact change at the legislative level. At Their Stories, we understand the delicate and consequential nature of American politics. Our goal is to bring inclusivity and progressivism to the spotlight, while placing an emphasis on systemic change. Aid marginalized communities, tackle complex issues, hold politicians accountable, and serve the members of your community with us.

If you're a high school student that is looking for leadership experience and is passionate about making a systemic difference in a highly flawed world, this is a huge opportunity for you! This is a wonderful chance to be a part of social movements and play a role in ongoing political change - all while holding an internship position at a change-making political organization. Through our internship program, you can gain realistic career experience in the field of your choice. There are multiple departments interns can work under, including marketing, journalism, policy, management, and more! Our internship will provide you with volunteer hours and a letter of recommendation at your request.