Warc Ghana

We're a US-social enterprise, with entities in Ghana and Sierra Leone that's focused on getting subsistence farmers in Africa out of poverty. Having established in Sierra Leone in 2012, and then expanding to Ghana in 2018, we're a team of 100+ people in the two countries, having supported over 4,000 farmers directly with our services, and over 15,000 farmers through extension.
In Ghana, we are a team of 60, working in 3 locations, and focused on 3 key areas:
Production - we have a production center in Bono East, Ghana. This is a 1,000 acre piece of land upon which we cultivate maize and soybeans, to trial and test different methodologies and farming systems, and develop our people
Service - we provide a bundle of agricultural inputs as a service to farmers - inputs, mechanization, and training. We've worked with over 2,000 farmers in Ghana thus far and are targeting 20,000 farmers by end of 2023. Our focus area is the Upper West of Ghana with our hub being in Tumu
Market Linkages - we purchase commodities at fair market prices, made possible through our partnerships with commercial processors of maize and soybeans in Ghana and a uniquely designed open-book system of trading

In addition to the above business lines, Warc also operates a consultancy practice that's established on the premise that we offer consultancy in areas gained through our practice. We didn't only learn development by the book, but through establishing and building our own social-agribusiness that supports farmers in this context. We support in Farmer Trainings and Extension models, Inclusive-business model development, SME investment readiness, value-chain and market studies, and M&E and data analytics. Finally, Warc is also involved as an implementing partner in various donor-funded programs; as a prime or sub-implementor.