Maliasili is a dynamic and innovative organization that is taking a different approach to drive conservation impact in Africa. We find the best local African conservation organizations and make them better by strengthening their organizational performance, leadership, and resourcing so that they can achieve greater impact. Our partner portfolio includes outstanding local and national organizations working at the forefront of wildlife conservation, land restoration, and coastal fisheries. Our partners’ are pioneering conservation approaches grounded in community and indigenous land rights, generating economic opportunities from nature-based businesses, and restoring ecosystems across many of Africa’s most important landscapes.


Since its founding over a decade ago, Maliasili has built a portfolio of roughly 30 partners working across over 35 million hectares of critical landscapes and ecosystems in seven countries. We have helped our partners generate or leverage more than $15 million in funding for their work; developed a growing set of tools to help improve their organizational performance, and supported many of our partners to significantly grow their impacts in the field. Our goals are to build a portfolio of Africa’s best local conservation organizations, help them collaborate and learn from each other, and scale up their community-based conservation work on the ground and their leadership capacity within the conservation field.