Jun 02, 2021

Associate/Senior Associate: HR and Talent Systems

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Full-Time Client/Customer Service Human Resources/Recruiting Professional Services

Job Description

NPAG is a consulting firm at the intersections of talent strategy, executive search, organizational development, and leadership and organizational capacity building. From its founding, NPAG has been dedicated to serving mission-driven organizations at the leading edge of movements for social change. Our core business is expanding the capacity and diversity of nonprofits by helping them build teams of leaders, changemakers, connectors, and disruptors to advance the missions they serve.

Over our 19 years in business, we have developed a team and company platform that is closely connected virtually from all regions of the U.S. and mobile as needed to serve clients in their home communities. This allows us to provide the highest quality services with a full range of flexibility that results in a sector-leading value proposition for our clients and employees. We offer a creative, energetic, family-friendly workplace environment – our 27 staff span all regions of the U.S. and around the globe, and represent a wide diversity of experiences, perspectives, identities, and both functional and mission areas.

The strength and diversity of our team translates directly to the measurable impact of our work building healthy organizations in the mission-driven sector. Our clients do critical work to advance just, vibrant, and healthy communities, and we help them not just to identify and attract top talent, but to better understand the landscape of challenges and opportunities they face by effectively tapping the wisdom of diverse networks of leaders. The results speak for themselves, and to cite just one measure, over 60% of our placements identify as people of color, and about two-thirds are women.

NPAG is expanding our ability to bring talent, structure, and strategy together to help our clients achieve their strategic vision. Leveraging our experienced professionals who are former leaders in nonprofits, philanthropy, and service organizations, we work with nonprofit organizations to tackle the full spectrum of your talent needs, including employee engagement and culture, compensation analysis and management, leadership development, people function effectiveness, compliance and risk management, systems implementation, and coaching. We’re seeking Associates to meet the growing demand for our services and integrated approach – strong candidates are highly motivated, organized, values-aligned, client-focused problem solvers with relevant professional experience in Human Resources, including one or more of the areas listed above, ideally in a mission- and values-driven organization.

The Role: Opportunities and Challenges

Associates in the firm are client-facing project managers, strategists, relationship builders, writers, and analysts of diverse channels of data and written material. Our work is exciting, important, nuanced, and urgent, requiring our team to bring persistence, focus, dedication, and sensitivity to it. Candidates must demonstrate highly refined critical thinking and project management skills, a proactive service orientation, exceptional communication skills and a keen eye for both detail and nuance. The ideal candidate will bring relevant mission-driven experience with Human Resources (e.g., HR generalist or specialist, talent management, people and culture). Capacity to manage multiple projects and priorities at once and to communicate well with internal and external collaborators both virtually and in person is critical. Employees receive formal and on-the-job training in all aspects of our consulting practice and will be encouraged to grow and develop their careers within NPAG.

The Associate/Senior Associate will:

  • Proactively manage HR consulting projects from end to end, including coordination and preparation of meeting materials and deliverables; communicate in a timely way with NPAG team members and client contacts to coordinate action items and drive effective process; and ensure that all communication reflects our standards of thorough, respectful, clear and complete information;
  • Manage delivery of services, tools, training, and support to our clients across the mission driven sector; manage high volume of contact points with authenticity and aplomb, capturing and tracking critical data and translating it into action steps and executing on work plans;
  • Contribute to regular company-wide meetings and discussions of a wide range of relevant issues and ongoing quality improvement to ensure NPAG benefits from the collective wisdom of all its team members.

Hiring Organization




Successful candidates will, first and foremost, be committed to serving the missions of our clients - including but not limited to their support of movements effecting change that advances racial equity and justice, immigrant rights, finance reform toward economic justice, child welfare, gender justice, educational excellence and opportunity, and environmental stewardship.

As client-focused project managers, associates will lead client delivery and ensure that the service we provide meets NPAG’s standards. This will require that the associate:

  • Be an active listener and proactively identify and rise to meet the client’s needs;
  • Be intentional and explicit in establishing the roles of everyone involved in a particular project;
  • Be open to and willing to apply constructive feedback from the client, and from his/her/their colleagues;
  • Effectively delegate tasks to ensure timely and effective completion;
  • Be prepared to learn from failure and apply these lessons in the pursuit of future success.

Throughout the client engagements, associates will be expected to bring critical thinking and discernment to the work. This includes supporting the identification of challenges and opportunities that the client is facing and the co-development of strategies for addressing them. A successful associate will:

  • Recognize patterns and see challenges before they materialize;
  • Bring self-awareness and effort to recognizing and mitigating their own biases;
  • Facilitate productive conversations with candidates and sources and collect data that can inform the rest of the client’s process;
  • Be able to recognize the values inherent in the client’s processes, systems, and goals, and operationalize these values into measurable competencies for prospective candidates.

As members of a company that values the diversity of the group and which seeks to ingrain the concept of shared leadership throughout the organization, successful associates will:

  • Be intellectually curious and be willing to seek out and pursue opportunities to develop their skills;
  • Be willing to both be mentored/coached and share their own wisdom and experiences with their colleagues for the benefit of the organization.

Successful associates also make every effort to internalize diversity and equity principles and incorporate them into every facet of their work. Candidates should:

  • Be prepared to recognize power dynamics and discuss them in their work both internal to NPAG and externally with clients;
  • Be self-aware and able to reflect on his/her/their behavior and impact on the team and client at all times;
  • Be equity fluent and able to recognize equity, diversity, and inclusion as distinct related concepts;
  • Be able to recognize when she/he/they need to ask for support from their colleagues;
  • Treat everyone with respect, dignity, and grace.

Associates at NPAG will need to be excellent communicators both internally and externally. Successful associates will:

  • Be able to develop written materials that are grammatically sound and tailored to the intended audience;
  • Be able to persuade groups (i.e., engagement team, client team, etc.) towards shared commitments and understanding;
  • Build rapport with both clients and partners;
  • Stay abreast of trends in the sector through thought partnerships with colleagues, research, etc.

Industry/Service Area

Advocacy/Social Action, Consulting/Advising




Compensation for this role will be paid hourly at $40 to $55/hour (plus benefits and annual bonus potential), commensurate with experience. It is our expectation that total annual compensation for this role will comfortably range from $75,000 to $100,000 and could go beyond based on total work taken on.

Application Instructions

More information about NPAG may be found at: http://www.npag.com

Candidates may submit a cover letter sharing more about their interest in the opportunity and relevant experience engaging with people-related change efforts in their career, along with their resume via NPAG’s website.

NPAG is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and strives for authentic inclusion. NPAG does not discriminate in employment based on any individual's race, socioeconomic status, national origin, color, disability, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity and encourage all candidates to apply.

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