Nov 05, 2021

Vice President of Operations

  • On-Ramps
  • Remote (New York, NY, USA)
Full-Time Administration/Operations

Job Description


Founded in 2014, APDS's mission is to prepare every justice-involved individual for a successful and sustained reentry to society. Through a digital learning platform and secure tablet hardware, APDS is creating better outcomes for incarcerated learners, returning citizens, and corrections staff through individualized education, rehabilitation, and reentry programming. APDS products leverage digital content, learning management systems, and data analytics to produce outcomes-driven results. Currently, APDS products and services are deployed in over 100+ facilities across 16 states -- and growing.

APDS is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and certified B-Corporation, with a business model that never charges incarcerated individuals or their friends and families for its technology or services.

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The Vice President of Operations (the VP) will oversee the effective deployment and support of APDS's products in jurisdictions across the country and lead the organization's efforts to significantly scale its services and delivery functions. Reporting directly to the CEO, the VP will lead four major teams led by talented managers: Implementation, Training, Inventory & Supply Chain, and Customer Support. In addition, the VP will drive system, process, and efficiency improvements across the organization.

APDS is seeking an experienced leader to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Scale the systems, processes, and teams that will allow APDS to triple the size of its customer footprint over in the next 12 months
  2. Create and execute an operations strategy that ensures a seamless handoff from closing a sale through implementation, fulfillment, training, and ongoing support and completes an accurate order to cash process within a 60-day cycle or less
  3. Lead APDS through Total Quality Management processes to use strategy, key performance indicators (KPIs), and effective communications to integrate the quality discipline into the culture and activities of the organization
  4. Expand the operational services necessary to support the array of product offerings needed by APDS's customers
  5. Provide thought leadership and capacity to scale the overall growth of the company ensuring APDS maintains a tight, cohesive, and values-aligned culture along with a strong customer-focused orientation

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Operational Leadership

  • Work closely with APDS's customers to ensure that they receive top-tier service from all operations teams as APDS fulfills and services their accounts
  • Architect and drive Total Quality Management (TQM) across the entire organization in order to improve quality, reduce error rates, and improve KPI outcomes
  • Coordinate product enhancement and support issues with the product and technology teams to balance the need for rapid support resolution for our customers with longer term product enhancement and development efforts
  • Collaborate closely with the sales, customer success, and finance teams to ensure APDS delivers a high-quality and complete customer experience with an accurate and timely order-to-cash process

Team and People Management

  • Lead the implementation, training, inventory and supply chain, and customer support teams, motivating all teams around APDS's mission
  • Develop and coach each team leader to achieve their annual goals and key performance indicators
  • Support the recruitment and hiring of high-performing and diverse talent as APDS grows
  • Collaborate closely with the product and technology teams to ensure the operational teams work seamlessly together to provide the support and services to our customers
  • Serve as a senior leader on the leadership team responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the overall company


  • New York City or remote (APDS has a NYC office and roughly 50% of APDS team members are NYC-based.)
  • You can expect to travel 3-5 times per quarter. Additional travel may be required for applicants outside of NYC.

Hiring Organization



  • 10+ years of management experience, with at least 5+ years of senior operational leadership experience, ideally in an educational technology company (or other relevant industry, e.g., health care, military logistics) that services large government customers across the country
  • Demonstrated experience using Total Quality Management to drive organizational improvements in quality indicators, reduction of error rates, and increases in efficiency and KPI outcomes
  • Experience managing multiple operational teams with a demonstrated ability to scale the operations of those teams while simultaneously achieving high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Excellent team and people management skills, with the ability to build, coach, and manage high-performing, diverse, and missioned-aligned teams
  • Exceptional judgment, strategic problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Track record of being conscientious, reliable, and a self-starter
  • Belief in APDS's mission to reduce recidivism and improve the life chances of incarcerated learners and returning citizens
  • Please note that APDS's work in correctional facilities requires that all new hires demonstrate proof of COVID-19 vaccination

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ADPS offers competitive compensation commensurate with experience and a generous benefits package.

Application Instructions


APDS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and firmly believes in creating a workplace that respects and values diversity of cultural, ethnic, and experiential backgrounds. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply. As an organization committed to the successful reentry of justice-involved persons, we strongly encourage candidates who share the life experiences of the citizens we serve to apply.

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