Sep 13, 2022

Board of Director - Global Nonprofit

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Board Member Business Development Executive Management (CEO/ED) Fundraising/Development

Job Description

United Planet 

Board of Directors Role Description

What is United Planet?

The need to build bridges across divides, both locally and internationally, and to address pressing global challenges has never been greater.  As an international non-profit organization, United Planet strives to create a world in which all people understand, respect, and support one another - a more united planet. United Planet's global network of leaders and volunteers fosters cross-cultural understanding and addresses shared challenges to unite the world in a community beyond borders.

The underlying principle of our programs is the concept of Relational Diplomacy -- recognizing that the relationship between people of diverse backgrounds is the basic building block for uniting the world. United Planet’s innovative programs are designed to expose our common human bonds, generate respect and appreciation for our cultural, racial, and religious diversity, and enrich lives of our neighbors worldwide. United Planet has been featured throughout international media and CNN selected us as one of only ten nonprofits in the world for their "Be the Change" initiative. 

United Planet implements a diverse and holistic range of local, online, and international initiatives to build global understanding and strengthen human connections through service, immersion, leadership development, project partnership, and dialogue across cultures. Our international Quest program provides culturally immersive international service and practical training programs, including both travel and virtually based, from one week to one year in more than 40 countries with a focus on education, health and the environment. Our Chapters (Unite All Schools) program brings together students and teachers from across the world through classroom to classroom project-based virtual exchange focused developing and connecting youth and teachers as global citizen leaders and fostering mutual understanding and partnership, while addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

United Planet works with leading institutional partners in both academia, corporate world, and across civil society to provide transformational global learning experiences, while bringing positive impacts to communities worldwide. More than 20,000 United Planet volunteers and leaders have served well over 2,000,000 hours worldwide since 2001.


  • Serve for a term of 3 years (renewable)

  • Serve as a trusted strategic advisor to the President and the organization

  • Approve the annual budget and evaluate the performance of the organization both financially and in the service of its Mission

  • Prepare for and attend quarterly meetings and the annual meeting 

  • Assist in the recruitment of other Board and IBA members

  • Contribute to the annual performance evaluation of the President

  • Assist in keeping the organization in compliance with its legal, financial and fiduciary responsibilities

  • Assist in the recruitment of strategic relationships

  • Participate in at least one task force or committee

  • Make United Planet a philanthropic priority by giving personally, in proportion to one's capacity, and by reaching out to third parties: $5,000 or more per year of combined philanthropy.

  • Act as an ambassador for the organization

  • Sign and remain in compliance with all conflict of interest and confidentiality policies

  • Remain informed about the organization’s activities and industry

  • Work with President and other Board members to identify possible personal contributions in services and expertise to enhance the work of United Planet

  • Be available when needed and respond in a timely manner to organizational matters

Hiring Organization

United Planet


  • Commitment to the mission of the organization. 

  • Has vision but is flexible to the possibilities of change. 

  • Sensitive to the communities to which their organizations belong. 

  • Highly regarded and respected by others. Influential member of the organization and/or community. 

  • Able to strengthen the organization because of the expertise they bring from their business or professional background. 

  • Adds diversity to the mix of individuals comprising the Board, including age, gender, race, background, expertise, etc. 

  • Is willing to serve on at least one Committee and dedicate 2-4 hours per month as a “working Board member.”
  • Is an expert specific to the organization’s field, donor committed to the cause, or community leader able to attract support. 

  • Informed, available, and engaged; willing to attend meetings and represent the organization or its interests at community events and donor circles; willing to help bring in necessary resources. 

  • Is a conscientious steward who is as interested in the business of developing the organization and monitoring its health as they are in promoting its programs.

Industry/Service Area

Education, International/Foreign Affairs, Youth Development





  • Receive information in a timely manner in advance of meetings

  • Receive coverage through Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

  • Receive tax-deductions for expenses related to board engagement, including expenses related to attending meetings.  Acknowledged in writing for IRS.

  • Respect for time

  • Participate when possible in meetings in diverse locations around the world, especially in Quest program locations with opportunities to volunteer before or after meetings.

  • Receive a lifelong opportunity for self and immediate family to participate in individual United Planet Quest programs at cost for the completion of at least one full term as board member. 

Application Instructions

Please share a cover letter and resume.  We appreciate your interest.  

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