Sep 15, 2022

Executive Director of Services- SAGE

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Full-Time Administration/Operations Executive Management (CEO/ED)

Job Description

About SAGE:

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in New York City, SAGE is the world's largest and oldest organization  dedicated to improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ+)  older people. In partnership with its constituents and allies, SAGE works to achieve a high quality of life  for LGBTQ+ older people, supports and advocates for their rights, fosters a greater understanding of  aging in all communities, and promotes positive images of LGBTQ+ life in later years.

SAGE is grounded in the spirit of nothing about us without us. We listen respectfully to the full breadth  of voices of LGBTQ+ older people and seek to positively impact all LGBTQ+ older people. Our work is  data-driven, disciplined, and responsive to change. We work hard, continually improve, and are  accountable for excellent outcomes. Our core values are: Older voices come first; Diversity and equity;  Collaborative teamwork and partnership; Innovation; Top performance in a diverse marketplace;  Respect; and Compassion.

SAGE recently launched a new 5-year Strategic Plan that emphasizes scaling its impact on behalf of LGBTQ+ older people and diversifying its reach via a number of significant changes in organizational structure and decentralization of organizational leadership and decision-making. One such organizational change is the creation of a new division of SAGE, with its own Executive Director, housing the agency's New York service programs and older adult centers.  This newly created division - with a budget of $6.5M and a team of 65 staff - has yet to be named but will include: all of SAGE's existing service programs in New York city; the four older adult centers co-located with LGBTQ+ affirming senior housing; and SAGE's replicated direct service programs in other parts of the country. The new division will work in tandem with the national initiative programs that SAGE offers consumers and providers, as well as a new social enterprises division that will house new ventures and opportunities for profit-generating services for the organization.

Read more about our work  here.

About the opportunity:

The Executive Director of SAGE Services  is a member of SAGE's Executive Team. Reporting to SAGE's Executive Vice President, the inaugural  Executive Director of SAGE  Services (EDSS) has the exciting opportunity to join the organization during a time of inflection, reflection,  and growth. Building on the momentum of a new strategic plan, as well as deep and evolving  commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the  EDSS  will lead the continued development, scaling, and administration of SAGE's flagship community services and housing-based services programs.

The ideal candidate is a top notch non-profit leader who has the skills and experience to simultaneously build on existing programmatic strengths and forge forward-looking strategies for the future. The ideal candidate will also: deeply and personally understand SAGE's work with LGBTQ+, aging  communities, and communities of color; bring a passion for - and commitment to - SAGE's mission to equitably serve  the full diversity of  LGBTQ+ elders so that they achieve a high quality of life; and be similarly passionate about the agency's strategic emphasis on scaling and sustaining its service offerings.

Areas of Leadership:

Executive Leadership & Management:  Build upon the Strategic Plan, partnering with agency executive leaders and program staff to lead and develop future vision, strategy, direction, and operational plans for SAGE's direct services. Assess and evaluate existing systems and processes related to program delivery, to ensure maximum efficiency, collaboration, and outcomes. Engage stakeholders at all levels of the organization in an equitable and inclusive way - with a priority on the older people who SAGE serves and aspires to serve - to inform goals, strategies, and plans. Represent and advocate for services at the executive level of the organization. Attend and present at SAGE national Board meetings.

  • Key Qualifications:  Experience setting and driving vision and strategy at the organization level / as an executive leader. Proven ability to lead growth, change, and evolution in a highly effective and consultative way, rallying stakeholders around a vision and building strong buy-in. Ability to evaluate, update, and innovate systems and processes with an eye toward future development and growth. Proven track record of advancing equity and inclusion both internally and externally to organizations. Extensive experience leading impactful direct service programs that serve historically marginalized groups is required; experience providing services for aging populations is highly preferred.

Team & Culture Leadership:  Build upon a strong, mission-driven culture, centering equity and the sustainable scaling of program impact at every level of the organization. Assess current people and culture assets of the new division to align with the mandates of SAGE's new Strategic Plan. Structure the division and function of the teams for the future. Lead the Services team in a highly effective manner, focused on short- and long-term outcomes against SAGE's strategic goals, with an emphasis on top performance, diversity and equity, mentorship, coaching, and individual and team development. Foster transparent communication and collaboration among programs and departments.

  • Key Qualifications:  Experience  engaging diverse staff and leadership to promote top performance, trust, teamwork, partnership, and  engagement across departments and levels of leadership. Outstanding, consultative communicator  with the ability to drive and support internal communications.  Proven ability to develop thriving teams and organizations, as demonstrated by deep relationship building, an orientation toward mentorship, and an ability to coach and manage individuals to develop their strengths and maximize their performance.

Representing & Resourcing the Division:  Build on a strong existing foundation of government contracts and philanthropic support to ensure  sufficient resources  are secured and equitably allocated so that highly effective programs (current and new) are scaled to deeply impact the breadth of LGBTQ+ elders. Explore and develop new revenue models for programs to complement and/or replace traditional government and foundation contracts and grants. Engage diverse stakeholders in SAGE's mission,  serving as lead spokesperson and representative for the division with division funders, NYC agencies like the Department for the Aging (DFTA), NYC and NYS public officials, local media, and others.

  • Key Qualifications:  Demonstrated experience successfully securing and managing funds from diverse sources, particularly government entities. Ability to apply an equity lens to resource allocations across programs and services. Strong command of budgeting and planning related to program development and delivery. Demonstrable experience serving as the public face and advocate of an organization. Track record of effectively representing an organization to diverse stakeholders.

Internal & External Collaboration & Partnership Building:  Help lead the creation of a new community advisory council for the division, to be chaired by a member of the SAGE national Board, and work effectively with the chair and council to garner feedback on the division's work. Work cross-functionally to implement systems that will break down silos and promote


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