Sep 15, 2022

Chief Operating Officer

$230,000 yearly
  • NRG Consulting Group
  • Remote
Full-Time Executive Management (CEO/ED) General Management

Job Description

RIVET is looking for a founding Chief Operating Officer (COO) to join the CEO and CMO to build and launch the world’s first consumer-facing brand to leverage the $3T GenZ consumers control to mobilize millions of dollars to fund youth-led social impact. The heart of this role is translating a compelling vision into a scalable business model and operational strategy, ensuring that not only is RIVET successful in the marketplace but also a workplace where team members feel grounded, connected, and empowered to succeed. As a start-up co-founder, you will hold a full and ever-changing portfolio of projects ranging from the strategic to the day-to-day; designing, building and implementing internal systems, processes, and infrastructure to enable the team to move from ideas to action.

This is a unique opportunity for candidates who are excited to combine purpose and problem-solving, analytics and empathy, and the critical eye of a skeptic and the heart of a true-believer.  Ultimately, the COO needs to be a culture-builder: a leader with a passion for youth-led change who is curious, creative, and just enough of a fool to believe that change at this scale is possible.


About RIVET 

At the intersection of consumer brands, youth activism, and scale, RIVET combines the power of the nonprofit and for-profit worlds. We have a plan to channel $250 million directly into the hands of young social innovators over the next 10 years. 

We are creating a unique partnership model: 

  • We partner with companies to co-brand products & experiences, channeling funding from every purchase to the RIVET Fund for young innovators.
  • We partner with NGOs to recruit and support young leaders from all over the world.
  • We partner with influencers who come together to amplify our message and ultimately accelerate the youth revolution for good. 

Co-designed and co-led by young people, RIVET represents the largest direct investment in youth-led social change – ever

We’re a small, distributed team, with decades of combined experience in the nonprofit, brand, and tech startup worlds. As a startup, we are backed by $1.7M in seed funding and a network of advisors and executives from Apple, Paypal, Facebook, LVMH, Adidas, and more. 

Our Values

  • Youth-Centered – We are created for young people, by young people. Youth shape and sign off on every decision we make. 
  • Trust – We see the best in people, and work from a place of empowerment rather than control. We trust others, and honor the trust put in us through kindness, communication, and transparency. 
  • Equity – Equity is not just something we live by, but commit to create. We prioritize those who are historically overlooked.
  • Belonging – Our movement is designed to unite. We actively celebrate our collective diversity, and consider it our superpower. Anyone who shares our values is welcome to join. 

Location: Fully remote, with at least 3-4h overlap with US Eastern Time hours, but will have the flexibility to manage their own schedules.


Salary: $230,000. For non-US candidates, salary will be calculated according to local cost of living, purchasing power, and tax rate. 

Core Responsibilities: 

  • Leadership & Strategy: In partnership with the CEO, CMO, and board, ensure RIVET’s mission fidelity, social impact, and financial health. 
  • Design & Build: Translate RIVET’s vision into a set of core operational strategies for the business, building the systems, processes, and infrastructure for success.  
  • Operations Management: Oversee the day-to-day operations of RIVET, aligning the team around priorities and key objectives, and ensuring continuous learning and improvement. 
  • Financial & Legal Management: Oversee financial and legal matters, coordinating with external partners and vendors as needed. 
  • People & Culture: Develop a people operations strategy that ensures that our practices align with our values.

Your day-to-day:

  • Operations design & management – Designing & implementing operational systems and processes to manage projects with a clear accountability framework. 
  • Performance management – Leading the team in defining short-term and long-term performance objectives, action plans, and tracking progress against goals. 
  • Vendor management – Managing external partner and vendor relationships for legal, human resources, and independent contractors. 
  • Financial & legal management – Managing RIVET’s budget, consulting and informing  key decision makers as necessary. Overseeing RIVET’s financial and legal compliance. 
  • Business strategy – Identifying areas of financial risk and opportunity to optimize RIVET’s business strategy. 
  • Cultural leadership– Building  and fostering  a company culture that values learning and a commitment to RIVET’s core values. 
  • People operations – Managing RIVET’s recruitment and onboarding efforts. 
  • Project management – Supervise an Experience Designer working to build out our data tracking and reporting MVP and NGO partnership model

RIVET is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, military service, age, ancestry, or disability.

If you need accommodations to complete the application questions, please contact

The priority deadline for applications is October 6th.

This search is being run by NRG Consulting Group.  Please feel free to share with your networks.  Reach out to us at with any questions.

Click here to learn more about RIVET and the COO role. 

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Who we’re looking for:

  • Mission-aligned – You are passionate about authentic youth leadership and accelerating youth-led social change 
  • Startup builder – You have experience building systems, processes, and business solutions in a startup environment 
  • Data management – You have experienced overseeing the creation of a product, system, or solution that stores and protects people’s data (preferred) 
  • Analytical and pragmatic mind – You have the ability to balance big-picture strategy and executing details. 
  • Adaptability & prioritization – You have the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects in an ambiguous, evolving environment
  • Strong moral compass – It takes forever to build a brand and only one cut corner to destroy it 
  • Equity & inclusion – You have a clear commitment and vision for how equity and inclusion shows up in organizational design
  • English fluency, written and spoken 

Industry/Service Area

Advocacy/Social Action



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