Sep 18, 2023

NatureBridge Board Member

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Board Member Civic Engagement Fundraising/Development Strategic Planning

Job Description

NatureBridge seeks innovative and influential volunteer board members to help meet new challenges and achieve new summits in support of young people, conservation and environmental education.


NatureBridge connects over 30,000 students and 700 schools annually to the outdoors through immersive experiences in multiple national parks across the country. Since its founding in 1971, NatureBridge has reached over 1.6 million young people, igniting their self-discovery and inspiring them to become stewards of the environment.

As the largest overnight educational partner of the National Park Service, NatureBridge is proud to support their mission to preserve the natural and cultural resources of national parks for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations. NatureBridge’s mission to connect young people to the wonder and science of the natural world comes alive in national park classrooms at Yosemite National Park and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California, Olympic National Park in Washington and Prince William Forest Park in Virginia.

The NatureBridge Board of Directors plays a vital role by providing vision, expertise, guidance and resources to scale impact and ensures NatureBridge remains at the forefront of sustainable environmental education. To expand its reach and impact, NatureBridge looks for forward-thinking leaders who have a pulse on new ideas and bring practical and innovative approaches to redefining “business as usual.”

NatureBridge’s mission is rooted in building connections between people and places to inspire and equip young people to better care for each other and nature. The organization believes that to fully meet its mission, it must intentionally and mindfully engage in equity, inclusion and diversity (EI&D) efforts. NatureBridge prioritizes recruiting and engaging a board that brings different ideas, and practices respectful debate and thoughtful resolution.

A deeply engaged, entrepreneurial, empathetic, inclusive and collaborative board is necessary for NatureBridge’s long-term success. The organization seeks multiple individuals eager to collaborate and elevate NatureBridge to reach new heights and shape the next phase of its journey.

Hiring Organization



We seek leaders and strategists in their fields who can journey with NatureBridge into a future of
increased impact. If any or all of the leadership characteristics below resonate with you, we would love to hear from you.


● Bring something new and spirited by infusing fresh perspectives into projects, teams and
initiatives, sparking creative discussion, embracing innovation and driving transformative
● Embrace change by engaging with curiosity, exploring unconventional ideas and continuously
learning about yourself, others and an ever-evolving world.
● Practice big-picture thinking by stepping back and recognizing the interconnectedness of
various components that influence systemic change.
● Respectfully work through difficult problems and complex situations by approaching
challenging issues with determination, professionalism and empathy to ensure thoughtful
● Champion EI&D principles by actively promoting and integrating inclusion and collaboration into
decision-making and practices and cultivating a culture of belonging and mutual support.

You are excited about…

● Being a vocal ally and advocate for NatureBridge by forging strong alliances, growing
partnerships and cultivating influence within your networks.
● Lending your time and capacity to commit to something truly special by fully engaging
during and between meetings and events and showing up for the organization and the cause,
including at least twice a year in person.
● Increasing organizational financial health by actively participating in fundraising, giving and
You may have one or more of these strengths and experiences…
● Scaling impact of organizations. Demonstrate proven ability to expand the reach of nonprofit or
other social organizations, amplifying impact and driving transformative growth in alignment with
mission and vision.
● Expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes. Provide multi-state, multi-sector legal
knowledge, assets and guidance in areas such as compliance, governance, employment and risk
● Fundraising and growing capital. Offer leadership and expertise in development activities and
driving successful campaign initiatives.
● Human capital leadership. Conversant and connected in human resource strategy, policy and
organizational success.
● Cloud information technology strategy. Well-networked and providing oversight in the domain
of cloud, CRM and industry-specific vertical software, such as Salesforce or similar.

You don’t need to have…

● Prior nonprofit board experience. We welcome applicants who can bring unique skills and
fresh perspectives to our board, including those who have been on boards and those who have
served their communities in other ways.
● Prior outdoor education experience. We welcome applicants who are enthusiastic about our
mission and can help us expand our vision for those we serve and how we serve them.

We are also excited at the prospect of engaging with leaders who hold a systems-level understanding of the broader educational landscape, have expertise in community-oriented local education, have experience building public-private partnerships with the National Park Service or similar land agencies, offer digital brand ambassadorship, have expertise in climate change or environmental justice, have familiarity with diverse real estate transactions or hold a special connection to our program as an alum or parent guardian.

We crave difference. If you did not find yourself expressly represented here but believe your voice adds new perspectives, depth and resonance to the NatureBridge board, we encourage you to apply.

Industry/Service Area

Education, Environment, Youth Development



Application Instructions

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Please visit and select “Apply.” 

Interested candidates should apply by October 20, 2023, for priority consideration. 

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