Aprium Advisors

Aprium Advisors is a Human Resource advisory firm founded by Sarah Chostner to support small, mission-driven organizations in growing their HR functions. 

Aprium Advisors offers several services, including:

  • Day-to-Day HR & Talent Support (e.g., on-call access to expert HR guidance)

  • HR & Talent Strategy (e.g., a multi-year timeline for developing systems and policies)

  • HR & Talent Team Project Support (e.g., a multi-year timeline for developing systems and policies)

  • Coaching and Mentoring for Rising Leaders

  • “HR Ready: From Compliance to Impact” Package



Are you eager to strengthen your Human Resources practices to accelerate your impact?

HR Ready: From Compliance to Impact from Aprium Advisors is just what you need!

This consultative package for small, mission-driven organizations will bolster compliance and strengthen culture, creating a ripple effect where your employees feel supported so they can focus on multiplying your organization's impact.

You will walk away with:

  1. An Employee Handbook aligned to your values

  2. Employees who feel taken care of by your policies, allowing them to focus on doing their best work

  3. Leaders who have the skills and knowledge to manage the day-to-day and unexpected of HR

  4. A prioritized plan to strategically address HR & Talent gaps

  5. Minimized risk & increased expertise

  6. Increased time to dedicate to impact-accelerating projects

In other words, you will be HR Ready!

Learn more and connect with Sarah Chostner at Aprium Advisors!