Slingshot Memphis

Slingshot Memphis is an independent assessor of poverty-fighting impact. Our mission is to create a demonstrable reduction in poverty by promoting a results driven poverty-fighting ecosystem in Memphis.

Unlike business, medicine, and many other sectors that have established objective processes for measuring outcomes, the poverty-fighting ecosystem simply doesn’t. This makes it nearly impossible to know which programs and services most effectively reduce the social and economic gaps in our city.

Slingshot has developed a new, standardized methodology to objectively measure the effectiveness of poverty-fighting organizations. Slingshot then works alongside these organizations to identify opportunities for growth to enhance their poverty-fighting capabilities and impact. Finally, Slingshot directly invests in these organizations, and influences investments from others, to help amplify high-impact programs and services.

By providing previously unavailable insights about poverty-fighting outcomes, Slingshot empowers decision makers to allocate resources toward solutions that produce effective outcomes for our neighbors experiencing poverty. We believe that as our community embraces this new methodology—or “Poverty-Fighting Feedback Loop”—we can measurably reduce poverty and accelerate access to equitable opportunities for all Memphians.