Project EATS


Art is what we imagine and create that shapes how we live. Food is the sustenance we need to live. Life is how we use, value, and share what we create to survive and thrive. Project EATS - in its design, work and relationships - operates from the interweaving of these key aspects of being.

Growing Urban Food Networks to Create Livable Futures

Project EATS (PE) occupies a unique space in the urban agricultural landscape of New York City.  Founded in 2009 by artist Linda Goode Bryant, Project EATS seeks to catalyze and support residents and infrastructure of low-wealth urban communities to increase their own ability to create conditions that transform their neighborhoods into vital hubs for health and wellbeing.  PE believes that increased self-determination and resiliency in these communities will enhance their economic power and food sovereignty.

The PE model features small-plot, community-based and operated, high-yield farms – both ground-level and rooftop.  Using sustainable, primarily hand-grown, farming methods, and employing seeding, succession planning, and carbon waste reuse, PE works to maximize crop yields and provide the community with ease of access to healthy, ultra-local ‘income appropriate’ food.  PE also operates community farm stands, food pantries, and food Farmacies, to increase resident access to and consumption of nutritious food, and offers an array of workforce development, employment, and learning opportunities for community members.  The use of art in PE programs increases the use of imagination, creativity, commitment, and determination as tools for reshaping social, economic, cultural, and environmental conditions in communities that support their ability to thrive and enhance their visions of what’s possible.