Project EATS


Art is what we imagine and create that shapes how we live. Food is the sustenance we need to live. Life is how we use, value, and share what we create to survive and thrive. Project EATS - in its design, work and relationships - operates from the interweaving of these key aspects of being.

Project EATS’ mission is for everyone to have the opportunity - regardless of income - to live healthily and to thrive. To achieve our mission, we join with residents and other stakeholders in neighborhoods to work as both a catalyst and support in creating community-based enterprises that grow and distribute food and programs that inspire, engage, cultivate understanding and strengthen ties between neighbors. The end goal is to increase the well-being of individuals and to improve the social, economic, and cultural viability of their communities.

Through our Enterprise Program we work with residents and other neighborhood stakeholders to create a network of community-based small plot, high-yield farms that naturally grow and distribute fresh produce for locals and non-locals. Our small-scale manufacturing operations produce food-based and agricultural products. These enterprises provide youth and adult residents with skills, experience, employment and careers, and support aspiring entrepreneurs. Through our Community Programs we provide a range of activities and opportunities that includes the integration and creation of art as a mode of communication, action and reflection in which individual and groups of residents engage. We also provide food and wellness-oriented workshops, community meals and events and “food-as-medicine” programs to support people’s efforts to live healthier lives.