Land is Life

Land is Life is a collaborative network of indigenous communities and organizations that was founded in May of 1992 at the historic World Conference of Indigenous Peoples on Territories, Environment and Development (Kari-Oca, Brazil). Since it's founding, the project has played an important role in the international struggle for indigenous peoples' rights, strengthening the participation of indigenous peoples in the international political arena, while at the same time providing critical support for their efforts at the local and national levels.

Our vision is simple. We live for the day when indigenous peoples around the world are able to practice self-determination; when their human, economic, cultural, political and territorial rights are recognized and respected; when they are free to speak their languages, maintain their sacred traditions and continue the work of caring for their ancestral homelands. We work towards the day when indigenous peoples are recognized as valued members of the international community, and are allowed to assume their rightful role as partners in the search for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

In our work, we advocate for free prior and informed consent on all issues where indigenous peoples' lives are affected. We provide training and financial support for indigenous leaders to be present before international policy-making bodies where decisions are made that affect their lives, territories and livelihoods. We monitor countries' compliance with international human rights agreements, and strengthen the participation of indigenous peoples in the United Nations system. We provide on-the-ground support, and funding, to indigenous communities at the local level.