The Management Center

We want to see more social change in this country. We know that producing it is hard. Disparities in money and power mean that social justice advocates need to fight not just as effectively as their opponents, but more effectively. That’s where The Management Center comes in: we help social justice leaders learn how to build and run more effective, equitable, and sustainable organizations so that they can get better results.

As the go-to resource on effective management for social change organizations, we’ve worked with more than a thousand of the most influential progressive groups in the country. We’ve also trained tens of thousands of individual managers on the practices that help high-performing organizations deliver lasting results over time.

We offer: intensive hands-on coaching services for executive directors and their senior leadership teams; a series of management training courses that supply practical advice and tools that managers can put to work immediately; and an array of tools and resources that equip leaders to manage effectively.

Since 2006, The Management Center has:

  • shaped the management practices of more than 67,000 individual leaders through our training program
  • helped more than 1,000 organizations get better results through stronger management
  • distributed more than 25,000 copies of our book Managing to Change the World

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