City Year Philadelphia

About City Year Philadelphia


At City Year Philadelphia (CYP), AmeriCorps members work to address the lack of equitable access to educational opportunities, particularly for students of color and those growing up in low-income households.  

 Our dedicated and passionate AmeriCorps members work closely with students, providing individualized attention that helps them feel valued and supported in their learning. In addition to 1:1 tutoring, CYP AmeriCorps members mentor students in small groups, organize school-wide events, and run afterschool programs.  



  • City Year Philadelphia - established in 1997 – is one of 29 City Year sites across the U.S.
  • 200 City Year AmeriCorps members, ages 18-25, serve full-time in 16 schools across Philadelphia
  • AmeriCorps members mentor and tutor in math, English, attendance, and social-emotional skill building
  • In the 2019-2020 school year, nearly 12,000 students received City Year support, with over 35% receiving direct 1:1 tutoring or mentoring
  • City Year’s signature Red Jacket symbolizes caring, support, hope, and inspiration 


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