The Primary School


We believe that raising a child is a team effort. With a strong team supporting them, every child can learn, be well, and thrive. 

Parents and caregivers are the most powerful, capable, and important members of a child’s team. However, all too often, parents have to support their child’s wellbeing alone. Our public systems have been set up so that teachers, pediatricians, and others are working in silos. Despite having similar goals, these systems often do not have the capacity, scope, or connection to address a child or family’s complex needs, particularly when those needs are compounded by adversity and other stressful and traumatic experiences.

Because of systemic racism, communities of color are disproportionately affected by these challenges and have the added burden of not being able to afford or access adequate services. The result is that parents, who have the desire and capability to build a better future for their children, must struggle with the challenges of systemic poverty while also supporting their children alone.


Our comprehensive model brings together all of the adults in a child’s life, including parents, educators, and medical and mental health providers, starting from a very early age. This multidisciplinary approach helps close the achievement gap, ensuring that children and families living in underserved communities receive the support they need to be well, learn, and thrive. 


Our vision is to build a model that can be effectively implemented in diverse communities and sustained on public funding. Over the long term, we seek to have permanent, large-scale, and transformative impact by influencing the policies and public systems that serve children and families.