Alma is dedicated to fostering the people, practices, and culture that enable staff to do their best, teams to do great work, and organizations to accomplish outstanding results.

We partner closely with our clients to understand their unique context, and the conditions that affect their ability to ensure the success of their staff. Then we work in collaboration with our clients to chart a path to solving their most pressing human capital needs, building the capacity in-house to continue to strengthen their work over time.

Feb 17, 2024  
$110,000 - $150,000 yearly
Who We Are: The Steans Family Foundation (SFF) concentrates its grant making and programs in North Lawndale, a community on Chicago’s west side; North Chicago, a city forty miles north of Chicago; and on aligned policy and ecosystem initiatives. By dedicating time, resources, and skills, SFF works in partnership with residents and institutions to build and enhance both communities. SFF’s work supports the idea that effective revitalization can occur within the embedded social and economic networks that create and sustain communities. The Steans Family Foundation observes the model of “place-based” giving. This means that rather than focusing on a particular set of issues, SFF focuses on communities, engaging with those communities—listening to their concerns and needs—and then pursuing opportunities to further the interests of the communities, always in close partnership with “on the ground” stakeholders.  In addition to substantive place-based work, SFF also supports...
Alma Advisory Group Hybrid (North Chicago, IL, USA) Full-Time