Austin Together Fund

Austin Together Fund is seeking a Part-Time Executive Director

OUR PURPOSE (Why we exist):

We believe sustained collaborations strengthen nonprofits to create better outcomes for the people of Central Texas. Sustained collaborations are long-term organizational partnerships that create fundamental change.

OUR MISSION (How we pursue our purpose):

We enable sustained collaborations with proven process, guidance, and funding. We do this as an inclusive partner, with confidentiality, respect and an unwavering focus on quality outcomes for the people of CTX.

OUR PILLARS (What we focus on):

  • Sustained Collaborations are relationships between one nonprofit and another nonprofit, corporation or other organization that preserves, expands and/or improves efficiency of services to the community.
  • Positive Social Impact is amplification of a nonprofit’s mission in ways that lead to sustained better outcomes for individuals and the community.
  • Support and Guidance. Experienced and tested guides and consultants by your side, systematic process to ensure we support the right partnerships, engaged management and board, national network of practitioners.
  • Effective Partnerships. We practice what we preach, engaging community leaders, funders and organizations so that our impact is greater than the sum of the parts.

2025 VISION:  Establish the fund as a permanent fixture.

By 2025, we are recognized as a trusted and valued resource for all nonprofits in Central Texas because we have demonstrated meaningful and measurable benefits to nonprofits, donors and the community.