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May 14, 2022  
$145,000 - $175,000 yearly
The Steans Family Foundation (“SFF”) concentrates its grant making and programs in North Lawndale, a community on Chicago’s west side, and North Chicago, a city 40 miles north of Chicago, and on aligned policy and ecosystem initiatives. SFF observes the model of “place-based” giving, focusing  on communities rather than a particular set of issues. It engages with those communities – listening to their concerns and needs – and then pursues opportunities to further the interests of the communities, always in close partnership with “on the ground” stakeholders. There are currently about 17 employees, when fully staffed there will be approximately 21.  There are two offices, one in downtown Chicago and another in North Chicago.  SFF grants about $15M annually and is governed by a 7-member Board of Trustees comprised of family members and close advisors.  It is co-located with two other family businesses, the law firm of Massey & Gail and Financial Investments Corporation (“FIC”),...
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