The Foundation for African Medicine and Education

FAME is a US organization entirely focused on advancing quality medical care in rural Tanzania. From the beginning, we set out to provide communities in the Northern Highlands of Tanzania with a unique healthcare experience – one marked by patient-centered care and high-quality service. In that spirit, FAME endeavors to meet the medical needs of ordinary Tanzanian people, including underserved populations in the most rural parts of the region. FAME began as a Mobile Clinic serving remote populations, and now 19 years later, in addition to providing comprehensive primary care in its Outpatient Clinic and Inpatient Hospital, FAME provides services in Surgery, Maternal and Child Health, Diagnostics and Health Education and offers an ambitious, in-house continuing medical education program designed to build local capacity. With 187 Tanzanian staff and nearly 28,000 annual patient visits, FAME serves a catchment area of 2.9 million rural Tanzanians who would otherwise have extremely limited access to quality healthcare. FAME also collaborates with more than 50 international medical volunteers annually to mentor and learn from our Tanzanian doctors and nurses. We aspire to build and strengthen FAME Medical and its providers to meet the most pressing medical needs of the next generation of families in the Karatu District and beyond. FAME is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered in the United States.