The Foundation For Tomorrow

The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT)

TFFT is a dynamic and fast-growing international non-profit that focuses on improving access to education for orphan and vulnerable children while also improving the quality of education. Through comprehensive Scholarship and Teacher Training Programs, TFFT is transforming the education landscape in Tanzania.

TFFT's Philosophy

Our core business is addressing vulnerability through the lens of education. We pursue our mission through direct interventions with most vulnerable children (MVC), focusing on providing access to quality education. Specifically, TFFT works to secure quality education and emotional support for orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania. We believe in the child-centered approach to account for the different ways young people grow, develop, and learn. In addition to providing tuition and board for scholars, TFFT also offers personalized developmental guidance with our Career Coaching and Mentorship Program. We also invest in teacher and school management training and resource development. Through in-service teacher and school management training we help create more child-centered, participatory learning environments.

In support of our Theory of Change, for the past 15 years TFFT invests in our scholars, offering them a well-rounded education that includes life skills, education about their rights, health and psychosocial support, and opportunities to support their future. TFFT works directly with each child’s family or guardians to improve their livelihoods and, where necessary, intervene to address familial dysfunction and distress. TFFT also engages systematically with key actors within the education and social welfare sectors to address issues that exacerbate children’s vulnerability. TFFT works with MVC  Committees, with Ward Executive Officers, Social Welfare Officers, with care-centers and other child-focused agencies to identify children who are particularly vulnerable and who would benefit from access to educational scholarships. TFFT’s Teacher Training Program improves the quality of instruction in primary and secondary schools and ensures that schools are child-friendly, non-stigmatizing, gender-sensitive, and supportive of the needs of marginalized children.

TFFT team members constantly examine TFFT’s efforts and generate fresh, innovative ideas with the bold vision to improve Tanzania’s education system and to increase access to quality primary and secondary education. TFFT is an organization that truly places children at its core, holds them in their hearts, and thoughtfully makes every decision with only the students’ best interests in mind. The TFFT team is proud to see the exponential growth of the TFFT scholars as a result of 15 years of TFFT’s programs, guidance, and support.