One for Democracy

Organization Overview:

One for Democracy is a coalition of philanthropists, business leaders, and foundations pledging 1% of their assets towards strengthening our democracy. O4D works to strengthen the infrastructure needed for our democracy, and ultimately our communities, to thrive. We do this by challenging donors to make a pledge to give 1% or more of their wealth to support democracy work each year, a major increase over traditional levels of democracy giving especially in off-election years. We can’t build strong foundations for democracy only months before an election. A strong democracy needs sustained investment year-over-year, and now is the time to start. We leverage our networks, the networks of our pledge signers, and build creative campaigns to recruit, engage, and support a new cohort of donors committed to building the infrastructure of democracy. In the last election cycle, One for Democracy inspired over $70M in new commitments and over 130 pledge signers.