Next Street

Next Street is a mission driven firm that mobilizes capital, customers, and capabilities to small businesses and entrepreneurs that have been systemically held back. We work with foundations, government, corporations, and CDFIs for a better future for small business.

Next Street works in three ways: advisory services, capital enablement, and program delivery. Our advisory practice drives seismic change through small business ecosystem assessments, strategies, and coordination. Our capital practice connects impact-oriented investors with highly impactful investment opportunities for small businesses and communities across the US. Our programs team equips entrepreneurs and small business owners with the advice, knowledge and resources they need to survive and thrive.

Our work is anchored in the belief that small businesses are the are drivers of economic and community development and the engines of inclusive growth. We believe that when we elevate small businesses, we help individuals, families, and neighborhoods reach their potential. We believe that when we empower entrepreneurs and small business owners that have faced disproportionate barriers, we break down barriers to accelerate a more just economy.

Next Street is an anti-racist and anti-bias firm.