Harris Rand Lusk

Harris Rand Lusk (HRL) is a retained executive search firm in the heart of New York City. We are a national specialty practice dedicated to nonprofit and public service organizations. Our firm is comprised of consultants with decades of experience in nonprofit administration and government, and we have successfully completed hundreds of searches.

May 23, 2024  
$85,000 - $105,000 yearly
Background: Founded in 2002 by Ali and Joe Torre, the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation (SAH) helps children impacted by violence and abuse by providing intervention and prevention services within schools to help children learn coping skills, build resilience, discover their voices, and find hope and healing. SAH focuses on children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 who have been exposed to domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating abuse, and sexual assault. SAH’s mission is to educate children, families, and communities to be the changemakers who build a safer, braver world together. With offices in New York City and Los Angeles, SAH delivers clinical intervention services and comprehensive programming that includes violence prevention education programming, training, and consultation for teachers and school staff, as well as workshops and awareness programming for parents/caregivers. With an annual operating budget of over $7 million, SAH operates 20 sites in...
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