Silver Lining Mentoring

Silver Lining Mentoring (SLM) empowers youth in foster care to thrive through committed mentoring relationships and the development of essential life skills. For nearly 20 years, Silver Lining Mentoring has enjoyed continuous growth and success in matching youth in the child welfare system with highly committed volunteer mentors. Silver Lining Mentoring works with young people who are preparing to age out of the child welfare system by teaching critical life skills to help teens successfully transition to adulthood. Silver Lining continues to be among only a few mentoring organizations in the United States, and the only mentoring organization in Massachusetts, that exclusively serves the unique needs of youth in the foster care system. 

Silver Lining offers three core services to youth impacted by the child welfare system, Community Based Mentoring (CBM), which provides one-to-one volunteer mentorships to youth ages seven and older, Learn and Earn (LE) which provides life skills development and leadership opportunities to young people ages 16 and older, and a new initiative – Transition Age Youth Services (TAY) which will provide youth over the age of 16 with a committed mentoring relationship to help them navigate their independent living goals. All programs promote social skills, cultivate positive relationships and a sense of community, build self-esteem, and equip youth with skills and relationships critical to their healthy development and successful transition into adulthood.