Blue Meridian Partners

A Pioneering Philanthropic Model

Blue Meridian Partners is a pioneering philanthropic model for finding and funding scalable solutions to the problems that limit economic mobility and trap America’s young people and families in poverty. We know solutions exist, but even the most promising strategies cannot reach far enough, fast enough without significant resources. Hence, we partner with philanthropists and social sector leaders to target drivers of poverty from cradle to career.

We operate with an investor mindset but measure success in terms of social impact rather than financial return. In practice, this means we view our grants as “investments.” Blue Meridian investments include flexible capital, operational support, and collaborative strategic planning – such as identifying milestones that measure success. Core to our mission is addressing systemic racial inequities and the injustices they create.

We remain nimble and responsive to evolving challenges and are constantly exploring new collaborations that can help us achieve our mission. Ultimately, we seek to scale the most promising solutions in order to change the life trajectories of millions of young people and families now and create better opportunities for generations to come.