Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Vision Statement:
Generations of environmental stewards living in balance with marine ecosystems

Inspire conservation of the Salish Sea

Central Tenet:
Humans and the oceans are interconnected. Natural systems are not equipped to adapt to the current rate of change on the planet. Humans have a responsibility to be better environmental stewards for all living things, in particular of marine ecosystems.

The Marine Science Center relies on the process and findings of science.
The Marine Science Center integrates diverse viewpoints and interests toward creating a more ecologically sustainable and equitable future.
The Marine Science Center is committed to a culture of accountability with measurable impact.

Core Competencies:
Citizen Science
: The Marine Science Center will recruit, train and support hundreds of marine citizen scientists, setting a standard for rigorous data collection, best practices, and inspiring stewardship. We will accomplish this in partnership with agencies and academic institutions by prioritizing the most impactful projects.
Lifelong Education: The Marine Science Center will draw participants in with compelling stories of marine life’s interdependence with humans. Grounded in science, programs will connect participants with the natural world, evoking empathy and providing ways to become better marine stewards.
Visitor Experience: The Marine Science Center will feature exhibitions and online experiences that invite people from all walks of life to deeper engagement with the marine world. These explorations illustrate unprecedented changes in marine ecosystems, inspiring and offering ways to become better stewards.