One Earth Future Foundation

Mission & Vision

One Earth Future Foundation (OEF) is an incubator of innovative peacebuilding programs that designs, tests, and partners to scale programs that work hand-in-hand with those most affected by conflict to eliminate the root causes of war. We believe in a world beyond war, where sustainable peace is truly possible.

"The world’s challenges are complex and interconnected, and getting more so by the day. Humanity keeps building, but we’re missing global governance architecture that is up to the task. Our approach to resolving conflict brings together local wisdom with national authority and international expertise to drive measurable results."

- Marcel Arsenault, Founder & CEO, One Earth Future Foundation

Dec 15, 2021  
$60,000 - $70,000 yearly
Business Development Specialist Organization Summary: For more than a decade, One Earth Future (OEF) has worked to solve complex problems at the root of armed conflict. Through its unique culture of iterative learning and improvement, OEF designs, tests, and partners to scale programs that help communities see problems in new ways and solve them collectively. Future Labs ( ) is the new initiative development department of OEF.    With its headquarters in Colorado and offices around the world, OEF operates as a portfolio of peacebuilding programs, each with its own director, strategy, and budget. What holds them together is a common purpose: to provide an impartial platform for diverse stakeholders to form adaptive problem-solving networks for peace. At the foundation level, OEF provides the financial, strategic, and operational support needed to iteratively develop solutions to complex problems that could not have been designed in advance....
One Earth Future Foundation Washington D.C., DC, USA Full-Time