Every Dog Behavior and Training

Every Dog is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing inclusive, accessible dog training and behavior resources to the Austin community.

We have a vision for a time when professional, ethical (and fun!) dog training and behavior support is accessible for all of Austin's dogs (and their people). We're all about reaching the thousands of dogs in our area who don't typically receive professional behavior support, often due to finances, accessibility, or lack of awareness. We provide free training resources and low-cost training classes and private sessions. We offer Spanish language training options, and collaborate with local ethical trainers.

Our Values

  • We play well with others.
  • We're honest.
  • We're total behavior nerds.
  • We always train without fear or pain.
  • We're real humans who like other humans.
  • We're really excited about accessibility and inclusion.
  • We're professional.
  • We support behavior people
  • We look for gaps to fill.