The Dubrof Group, LLC

THE DUBROF GROUP’s mission is to strengthen the performance of organizations and individuals by delivering exceptional executive talent and providing strategic advice.  Our focus is sharp, and our delivery is streamlined – we cut through the chaff and get to the solution. While our clients range from NYSE corporations to family philanthropies, global nonprofits to higher education institutions, they are united in their commitment to quality – a commitment we share.


TRUST  Our clients and candidates trust us implicitly to provide effective advice and deliver the best talent available.

CANDOR  We are impeccably honest and deliver truth to power without spin.

SERVICE  We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, providing bespoke service that delivers results in record time. We are extremely accessible and treat each client as though he or she was our only one.

JOY  We love what we do and are thrilled to be in a position to create impact through our services.

RELATIONSHIP  We are expert connectors who build rich relationships, generating repeat business and deep friendships – which gives us great joy (see above).


  • Certified Women’s Business Enterprise
  • Clients have immediate and continuous access to the firm's principals
  • Limited off-limits
  • Mastery, rigor, discipline and passion required for world class performances