Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (commonly known as SV2) is a vibrant community of givers and change-makers who come together to learn about effective giving and pool their resources to invest

in innovative nonprofits and early-stage social enterprises. SV2’s mission is to unleash the resources and talents of the Silicon Valley Community to achieve meaningful social impact. SV2 pursues its mission through an engaged giving model with three core lines of work:

  • Grants & Impact Investments: Our donors (called “Partners”) pool their capital to give financial support to high potential social ventures and work together to identify and fund the most promising organizations
  • Beyond-the-Dollars Support: Many Partners roll up their sleeves and contribute time and expertise in service of SV2 Grantees’ needs
  • Learning Programs: We offer workshops, speakers, and other opportunities for Partners and Grantees to augment their learning and growth

Five key tenets serve as guiding principles for SV2’s strategies. These tenets represent the values and purpose that SV2 seeks to infuse in our work:

  • We will foster a community of continuous learners with Partners, Grantees, Investees, and community members.
  • We will broaden the voices involved in our work as we seek to break down the traditional power dynamics in philanthropy.
  • We will be leaders in practices that align giving and investing with personal values.
  • We will work with our network of change makers to drive impact in our Bay Area community.
  • Equity is a central through line in our work.