Kendall Square Association

One hundred years ago, Kendall Square was an industrial yard, and today it is the epicenter of global innovation. Kendall companies are solving today’s problems with the technology of tomorrow and reimagining a future that is more resilient and inclusive. Kendall Square Association (KSA) is here to help our members thrive in this reimagined future as we build it, here in the most innovative square mile on the planet. Kendall is more than a place — it is a perspective.

Located in Cambridge, MA, Kendall Square is an internationally recognized innovation district propelled by the synergies of imagination and ingenuity. Curiosity, openness, and collaboration are revealed in every lab, office, restaurant, and public space. Kendall Square has the ability to address the most pressing challenges facing the world today.

Kendall Square Association enables the future by connecting the people changing the world.