Elevate to Even Plus Inc

Elevate to Even Plus Inc also operates as Eleven+

Our Purpose:

Students from underserved and disenfranchised communities often lack the access to internships which are critical in building skills and creating networks. Eleven+ levels the playing field, ensuring these students can get great paid internships doing formative work. As a result, young people gain applicable skills, valuable experience, and a network of mentors and peers that are critical to future success in the workplace.

Our Vision:

Our vision is equal access to formative work experience not limited by economic status, geography, or the legacy of structural racism. If Eleven+ is successful, students from disenfranchised communities will have the opportunity to succeed as far as their drive, talent, and ambition take them.

 Our Mission:

Eleven+ disrupts systemic inequality by providing underserved students with access to transformative, paid internship experiences that get them to even and beyond.