SMART Elections

About SMART Elections

We are an innovative, non-partisan project that serves U.S. voters, advocates, election officials and the general public. We are transforming U.S. elections so they are secure, fair, accessible, well-administered and publicly verifiable. We want the public to have full confidence in election results. 

SMART Elections is a powerful change agent for our elections. We are identifying critical problems and motivating the public and officials to address them with secure, efficient systems. We want to ensure that U.S. elections are even-handed, well-run, and publicly verifiable. Our government will be more effective when it is selected in a fair, accurate, transparent, and inclusive process.

All the issues we care about are impacted by our elections, so improving elections will increase the chances that many other critical issues get solved. 

View PDF about our ongoing work to transform U.S. Elections.

U.S. elections are experiencing a crisis of security, management, and confidence. 

OUR SOLUTION: We work with respected stakeholders and academics to identify problems with our elections. Then we use innovative, fun forums to advocate for recommended reforms. We work locally to educate, connect, and empower communities to improve their elections. 

We have educated thousands of advocates who watch our forums, attend our documentary screenings, and interact with our website. Elected officials have taken note of our work and asked to collaborate with us.