Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform

Launched on February 1, 2019, Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform is a Baku-born self-organised art initiative with international outreach. With a gallery in Icherisheher, the historic part of Baku, and a vintage flat in downtown, the platform fills in the niche in providing art professionals from Azerbaijan and beyond with the opportunity to explore their ideas in depth. Programs to date include exhibitions, commissioned site-specific artworks, artist talks and workshops by local and international artists and curators to help grow Baku’s emerging art community. Ta(r)dino 6 supports the discourse on Azerbaijani contemporary art within international context, with a special focus on gender, identity and equality in the art world.

Ta(r)dino 6 is the only initiative from Azerbaijan that is a member of several international and regional professional associations - Culture & Creativity AssociationRes Artis Worldwide Network of Art Residencies, and an associate member of TEH. In September 2019 Ta(r)dino 6 was selected to TEH 2020 Startup Programme (read about our case). 

In May 2020 Ta(r)dino 6 was the first initiative from CIS countries to be selected to 2020Solidarity campaign by Between Bridges, the foundation launched by German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans.

Presently, Ta(r)dino 6, together with TEH, organises the Cultural Accelerator, capacity building programme for art and cultural workers.

Ta(r)dino 6 is a registered non-profit, non-government organisation in Azerbaijan and is presently undergoes registration in Europe.