Common Impact

Common Impact catalyzes a new, connected economy by aligning business and social purpose.

Common Impact is a nationally-recognized nonprofit that connects corporate employees to nonprofit organizations with proven models to tackle the greatest challenges our communities face. Founded in 2000, Common Impact has partnered with Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of the country’s leading nonprofit organizations to create this transformational change.

We break down barriers that exist between sectors and industries to create meaningful social impact partnerships between companies, social sector organizations and the people that drive them. The common purpose of these connections: to deliver real value to each partner through innovations in community engagement, and ultimately to address deeply rooted and complex social challenges.

We have a deep understanding of both mission-focused and business goals. Common Impact enables growing nonprofits to achieve even greater results in our communities while simultaneously engaging corporate employees in dynamic and challenging opportunities that develop their skills and unlock successful, purpose-driven careers.

Learn more about our strategic plan and focus on racial justice, crisis resiliency, and digital inclusion here.