The Kavli Foundation

Advancing science for the benefit of humanity.

The Kavli Foundation was established by Fred Kavli in 2000 with a mission to advance science for the benefit of humanity. Our primary way of achieving this is by funding basic research in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience and theoretical physics. Using our distinct endowment model, we fund research institutes in one of these four sciences at universities around the world. At present, there are 20 Kavli Institutes globally. Our Science Program also supports initiatives and pursues partnerships that advance these scientific fields.

Through our Science and Society Program, we go beyond scientific research and focus on ways to strengthen the relationship between science and society. Through collaborations with academies and societies, philanthropies and more, we are working to ensure the people, processes and products of science contribute meaningfully to society.

Finally, we honor scientists with The Kavli Prize in celebration of breakthroughs in astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience – the big, the small and the complex. This signature international award is a partnership among The Kavli Foundation, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

At the core, all of these efforts are united through our values, dedication to basic research, drive to identify promising ideas and opportunities, desire to create lasting impact, and directive to catalyze and enable actions that unlock the benefits of science.