GO Public Schools

THE ORGANIZATION GO Public Schools is seeking a Communications Manager to join our Oakland team. GO Public Schools is a multi-city organization of local networks, working with families and their champions-- educators, school leaders, community leaders, elected and appointed officials to promote and advocate for equitable public education for underserved California communities. Currently, GO supports networks of leaders in the Oakland, Fresno and West Contra Costa communities through both GO Public Schools (a 501c3) and GO Public Schools Advocates (a 501c4). GO envisions a day when schools prepare all children for success in our rapidly evolving world, creating an equitable path to opportunity in our communities. GO develops leadership at every level—families, educators, school boards, district leaders and grasstops. These leaders inform and develop community visions for student success, and they shape, demand, and win system changes that improve student learning. Under the leadership of our CEO, Darcel Sanders, GO plans to scale its impact significantly, growing its multi-city organization of local networks and overall state platform – impacting 500,000 students by 2030 and fully leveraging the strength of local GO sites to create significant local and state-level policy and political wins. She has selected Maribel Gozalez to champion this vision locally as GO Oakland’s Executive Director. Maribel is growing her team of advocacy leaders who unapologetically champion educational justice for Oakland students.