Creative Action Institute

At Creative Action Institute, we catalyze community-driven solutions because we believe those closest to the problems are best positioned to address them. Using our groundbreaking creative approaches, we build transformative leadership, create fertile spaces for networks and movements to form and grow, and support creative advocacy to advance gender equality and build a sustainable planet.

Creative Action Institute’s unique methodology is rooted in popular education and learner-centered approaches and is infused with experiential, participatory, and creative activities. We have trained hundreds of teachers, community leaders, and youth to leverage the skills and knowledge to advance leadership development, gender equality, education, health, climate justice, and community resilience in East Africa, West Africa, and Central America. These approaches have been readily replicated and adapted in a variety of contexts including under-resourced and remote locales.

Creative Action Institute operates its own annual programs and is also a consultant to other like-minded organizations and provides services in instructional design and capacity building with emphasis on leadership, advocacy, education, and community resilience.