College Futures Foundation

At College Futures Foundation, we believe there is nothing more transformative for individuals, our economy, and our society than educational opportunity, and that the pathway to a college degree should be clear and open to the diverse students of California. Right now, that is not the case. The vast majority of our state’s K–12 students are of color and low-income, yet when it comes to graduates from our public universities, they are in the minority. At every step, these students face roadblocks. We are working to change that. Ensuring the college success of students facing the most formidable barriers will help all of us thrive—our communities, economy, and state.

Our Mission

We work to ensure more students, who reflect California’s diversity, complete a B.A. and have this opportunity for a better life. We believe this is best accomplished when California’s education system is designed to meet students’ needs, is dedicated to fulfilling their aspirations, and ensures equitable outcomes. Achieving a seamless path to a college degree requires a systems change approach, pursued in partnership with educators, policymakers, employers, students, and civic leaders. Our work focuses on interrelated bodies of work that, together, can catalyze the transformation needed for our education system to equitably serve California’s diverse students now and into the future.