Education Reimagined

Education Reimagined is committed to the transformation of education in the US. We are guided by "A Transformational Vision for Education in the US." This vision lays out a future in which learners are no longer asked to adapt to a standardized, one-size-fits-all education system; rather, they are recognized and valued as full human beings and supported to be confident, proud learners, leaders, and contributors to their families, communities, and society. We call this future of education “learner-centered.”


Education Reimagined’s mission is to make learner-centered education available to every child in the country, inclusive of race, background, and circumstance. Our role is that of a connector, champion, and catalyst. We offer a transformational vision to galvanize the country around a new learner-centered future of education; and we partner with visionary leaders to imagine, invent, and bring to life the new systems and conditions necessary to enable a learner-centered, socially just future for education to spread and thrive. Learn more at


The Education Reimagined staff is a lean, agile team of entrepreneurial individuals. We operate in a fast-paced, dynamic environment that is built on and prioritizes the cultivation of partnership and relationships with others. Team members must be independent workers who also highly value collaboration and the opportunity to work across functions.