Raising A Reader

Raising a Reader (RAR) is a national nonprofit that partners with parents and educators to create brighter futures for children by strengthening family bonds. Family engagement is at the core of what we do. Our evidence-based programs help caring adults set their children up for success by creating shared reading routines, fostering social-emotional learning, healthy family relationships and learning skills needed to thrive in school and beyond. Through easy-to-use, multilingual materials and diverse stories, we meet families where they are and make shared reading more engaging and accessible for all children. 

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to realize their potential. We believe that the best way to support children is by engaging and strengthening families, and that the lessons that last are those learned with love. We believe that reading helps children develop not just literacy skills, but also empathy, understanding, emotional intelligence and critical thinking.  We believe that literacy and education are key to closing persistent gaps and creating a more equitable future for our children and our communities – regardless of race, culture, language, income or ability.