People's Resource Center

People's Resource Center (PRC) is a not-for-profit, social service organization founded in 1975 by community members looking to help neighbors who were facing financial hardship. Inspired by social justice heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day and Jane Addams, founders Dorothy McIntyre, Father Tom Peyton and a group of volunteers sought to do more than start a local food pantry.  

Over four decades of community building, PRC has grown into a multiservice agency focused on interwoven services and tools that support and strengthen more than 7,000 families each year. We remain one of the only multi-service human services agencies in the Western Suburbs of Chicago offering basic needs assistance, educational tools and personalized services to help families find stability and pursue their goals.

The values that guide our actions and decisions and that are embedded in our culture are:

  1. Dignity and Respect: Recognizing the dignity of each person who comes to us, we create a welcoming and respectful environment in all of our programs and communication.
  2. Creative and Innovative: We express our mission directly. We try things in the community. We are willing to jump in to new areas in order to address an unmet need.
  3. Responsible Stewards: We welcome those who need resources, as well as those with resources to share.
  4. Compassionate: We listen, we encourage, we try to get to know our families, we provide some help and guidance, we advocate, in a spirit of kindness and compassion.
  5. Integrity: We place a high priority in living out of our principles, in our relationships, programs, and organizational practices.