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Apr 25, 2022  
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Civil Rights Corps Washington, D.C.   Civil Rights Corps (CRC), an innovative non-profit civil rights organization, seeks an experienced and passionate Chief Executive Officer.   Founded in 2016, CRC challenges wealth-based and race-based systems of oppression. CRC has won groundbreaking litigation challenging the money bail system, the rise of modern debtors’ prisons, abusive private probation schemes, prosecutor misconduct, and police violence. CRC has also engaged in cutting-edge policy work at the local, state, and federal levels to reimagine community safety and dismantle systemic racial injustice. CRC works closely with community partners and is committed to fundamentally transforming the criminal punishment bureaucracy. CRC’s staff is comprised of passionate and dedicated advocates with a profound commitment to social justice and fighting inequality in all its forms.     The next CEO will have the opportunity to join leaders...
Civil Rights Corps Washington D.C., DC, USA Full-Time