Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

Global humanity is at a major turning point. To those with an understanding of longterm astronomical cycles, it can be clearly observed that this turning is occurring during a major shift in one of the longest cycles known to mankind. This is a visible phenomenon of great importance that has come to be known as "the Turning of the Ages," and it is happening NOW. 

Shamanic Astrology Mystery School was established as an educational non-profit in order to offer a Mystery School experience to our students. Our goal is to teach and share our unique form of astrology which has as its main focus to provide transformational education to assist global humanity in reaching its highest potential.

Our system is highly effective and completely distinct from mundane astrology, bringing in components from archeo-astronomy, cosmology, ceremonial use of sacred sites, spirituality and archetypal depth psychology.

You can learn more about our trainings and professional certification by visiting our website at

As a non-profit, we are run by a board of directors each dedicated to their own personal growth as well as supporting the growth and healing of others.