LENA’s mission is to transform children’s futures through early talk technology and data-driven programs. We have developed, and continue to enhance, the LENA System which is the global standard for measuring talk in early childhood. The system is used to measure early language environments for research, intervention, and clinical use. 

LENA has proven itself as a vital tool for research into early language development and language delays and disorders. But the original intent of LENA was as an objective feedback tool for parents and caregivers. In recent years, we’ve significantly expanded this type use of LENA, and that is now our primary focus as an organization. This focus is driven by the belief that all parents and caregivers have the ability to unlock their children’s social, emotional, and cognitive potential. Interactive talk in the earliest years has been linked to brain structure, function, and long-term outcomes. LENA feedback helps parents and other adults improve talk and conversations with children. The results are stronger families and children more prepared to succeed in school. Additional support is needed to expand LENA-based initiatives and interventions so that we move the needle on kindergarten readiness and school achievement.