The Intertwine Alliance


To inspire a coalition working to preserve and nurture a healthy regional system of parks, trails and natural areas


The Intertwine Alliance mobilizes the Portlandā€Vancouver region in support of healthy and resilient communities. Our shared environment brings us together and connects us, introduces new generations to nature, and galvanizes us to care for our planet. We envision a region connected by forests and streams, supporting thriving habitat for fish and wildlife. In this future, the benefits of clean air and clean water, access to nature, recreational opportunities, and a clean economy flow equitably to all residents regardless of race or income.


  • Because we recognize the abiding power of position and privilege, often wrapped in the mantle of unconscious bias, we welcome and encourage diversity.
  • View all of our work through an equity lens.
  • Practice and promote inclusion.

We are committed to the values of respect for, and collaboration with, all of our community partners.


  • We must protect and restore our ecosystems to support human and wildlife communities now and for future generations.
  • Nature has intrinsic value without regard to its benefits for human beings.
  • Equitable access to nature helps reduce disparities, is a core function of every neighborhood, and helps people enjoy healthy lives.
  • Protecting, restoring and managing our urban and rural natural areas will allow us to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • Investing in nature generates significant economic, human health and societal returns.