Partnerships for Trauma Recovery

Partnerships for Trauma Recovery (PTR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the psychological and psychosocial impacts of trauma among forcibly displaced immigrant survivors of human rights abuses and forced displacement resulting from war, torture, persecution related to identity and beliefs and other forms of interpersonal violence. 

At our Mosaic Healing Center, we: (a) Provide culturally responsive, trauma-informed and linguistically accessible psychological and psychosocial care for asylum seekers and refugees from around the world, (b) Expand multidisciplinary clinical capacity to serve highly diverse immigrants through an in-depth yearlong clinical training program, (c) Conduct community outreach, support and training to address the needs of forcibly displaced immigrants and newcomers, and (d) Advocate for policies to prevent trauma and re-traumatization among international survivors of human rights abuses.