Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance (the “Alliance”) is the voice of the land trust community. As the national leader in land conservation policies, standards and education, we work passionately to support land trusts across America so they can save more land and better serve their communities.

Our natural places and working lands are a lifeline to clean air, water, food and good health. These lands also bring us together, inspire us and provide opportunities to recreate and recharge. The land trust community is a crucial component in this equation. With important places under continual threat, land trusts need access to the best tools, information and policy advocates. Armed with a diverse network and valuable resources, the Alliance is the land trust community’s source for the knowledge and capabilities they need to reach their goals. From tax and funding policies on Capitol Hill to innovative ideas, partnerships and initiatives, we ensure our land trust members can always be heard and achieve more.


The Alliance commits to building the constituency for conservation and elevating land conservation as a priority nationwide. We envision a reenergized, more inclusive and relevant conservation movement, in which land trusts join with partners that have not traditionally identified as conservation organizations around shared interests in protecting special places. Together, the Alliance, land trusts and partner organizations can ensure that land conservation serves and meets the needs of all people.