Muuvment Ltd.

Muuvment is a sustainability platform that helps companies run internal and public campaigns in support of their ESG mandates and social impact objectives. You can watch a 3-minute product tour video here to learn about what makes Muuvment Purpose unique, including its interactive experiences and measurable actions. 

Muuvment Purpose allows companies to align employees and the public with their ESG/CSR mandates and social impact missions, whether that means supporting mental health and diversity in the workplace, or launching initiatives on climate action and reducing single-use plastics. 

The social media features help build culture and align the company's values with its employees and customers. Real-time reporting makes it easy to communicate these values to the company's stakeholders, including its customers, with the confidence that the impact is meaningful and backed by data. 

Muuvment is an equal opportunity employer. We recognize that individuals have different perspectives about the world and we strive to be inclusive. We respect scientific consensus and freedom of speech.  We're transparent with our colleagues and clients about our values and objectives.

Muuvment is committed to maintaining a discrimination-free work environment.  To do this, we must not make employment related decisions based on race, colour, religion or belief, age, political belief, national origin, gender, genetic information, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristics protected by law in the jurisdiction in which we work. All applicants are welcome to apply.